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About Us

Tindahan Grocery is a family-owned business that opened in November of 2002. It was the first Filipino grocery store that opened in Richmond, BC. It offers different products from the Philippines like frozen and dried fish, ice cream, beauty products, canned goods, biscuits, chips, noodles, coffee. One can also find longganisa, tocino and hotdogs.

In 2004, Jay and Stella Belda decided to set up a kitchen. Stella is the daughter of culinary icon Nora Daza. Mrs. Daza started the first cooking show in Philippine television, ”Let’s Cook with Nora”. Stella was a co-host together with her brother, Sandy.


Stella took up culinary classes in La Varenne and Ecole Lenotre in France. Mrs. Daza had a Filipino restaurant in Paris, France “Aux Iles Philippines ” where Jay was the cook and Stella was the baker. She also had the very first French restaurant in Manila, “Au Bon Vivant”.


She eventually opened “Galing-Galing”, a Filipino restaurant and, “Mai Thai”, a Thai restaurant in Manila. She also authored several cookbooks which most Filipino households have, most especially those that live overseas.

In 2006, Stella got their long-time cook from Manila, Victor “Jun” Anonuevo. Jun has worked at the kitchens of Mrs. Daza since 1984 where he has honed his skills in cooking.


Tindahan is now where Jun pours out the dishes he has learned not to mention the dishes he concocts himself.



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